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A Guide Ethically Sourced & Conflict Free Diamonds
Article 11 Oct


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A Guide to Ethically Sourced & Conflict Free Diamonds

Buying luxury jewelry, like a diamond, can be a large investment. Today, savvy consumers want and expect to know where the diamonds how they were sourced.  Ethically sourced diamonds simply mean, goods are produced and purchased in a manner that demonstrates respect for the people who produce them as well as for the environment. Goods should be purchased through transparent relationships that are built on trust and openness. Producers should be compensated at a level that reflects the value of their hard work and provides a living income for themselves and their families.

4 Ways to Buy Sustainable & Ethically Sourced Diamonds

– Find and ask a reliable and an experienced jeweler to check the diamond’s mark of authenticity and ethical origin.

– Buy from jewelers that support ethically sourced brands like Simon G (https://www.simongcom) and Robert Procop (http://www.robertprocop.com). There are many other great examples.

– Know your supplier, find out the origin of the diamond and journey it took to get here. Honest suppliers are investing in organizations that support Sustainable Diamond Practices.

– Look for vintage or antique rings.  Many jewelry companies have an estate jewelry selection. A good jeweler can reset or even re-cut an old stone to make a custom modern ring.

We live in a world with an unlimited number of jewelry companies to choose from every day.  The choices we make can have a lasting impact on the environment, culture and people.  At McCarver and Moser Jewelers, we are committed to ethically sourced diamonds, preserving the integrity of the diamond and their natural resources.  If you would like help navigating this process to find the diamond best for you or your loved one, feel free to make an appointment with one of our diamond experts. You can also visit one of our beautiful locations to see our extensive estate jewelry selections in person or go online at https://www.mccarvermoser.com/product-category/ladies-jewelry/estate-jewelry/


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