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Article 25 Feb


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Each piece of jewelry, big or small is a piece of art. Some pieces are more difficult to make than others, some require a lot more detail and time. This gorgeous piece was made with a difficult process known as Champlevé

The technique of Champlevé is traced back to celtic art in Europe around 3rd Century BC.

The name Champlevé comes from the French for “raised field”, “field” meaning background. Each one of the petals on this flower has been hand carved and etched with pattern then meticulously filled with enamel and fired until the enamel and gold fused. Once this process was done the piece was polished leaving the uncarved portions of the original surface visible as a frame for the enamel.

This beautiful brooch/ piece of art can be found at McCarver & Moser, and is waiting for its next owner , one that will appreciate its beauty as much as we do.

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